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Top 5 Tips for Osteoporosis Sufferers in a Pilates Class

We're all aware of the amazing benefits of Pilates but some of us need to be more careful than others! Here are some easy and helpful ways for any of you suffering with Osteoporosis to stay safe and enjoy your next Pilates class!

1. Avoid spinal flexion- there can be an elevated risk of fracture- so keep

your head down on when we are working on our back in exercises such as

single leg stretch. When you go to the floor do a lunge rather than a

standing roll down. When we do things like half roll backs or roll ups use a

hip hinge technique and aim to keep the back long rather than flex


2. Avoid spinal twists- we do not want added momentum in waist twists- so

keep to a small, controlled range- used your abdominal muscles for


3. Avoid placing the wrists under pressure- this is a tricky one as we need to

do some bone loading to help the situation but not overdo it- All 4’s is an

appropriate position for short periods of time whereas the loading in a full

push up may be too much.

4. Don’t be afraid of Postural exercises to prevent rounding of shoulders and

upper back. The more we can load appropriately into the muscles of your

spine, the better bone building activity we can induce and better muscular

support we can strengthen. It’s all about controlled range- so not lifting

too high when lying on your front but pulling your shoulders down and


5. Don’t forget to focus on improving your balance work to help prevent falls

and possible fractures. Do not be afraid of doing something different to the rest of the class- you only have one body so need to learn to look after it.

Osteoporosis may cause some changes to your behaviour but with the right

exercise and drug regime, you can make a positive impact on the situation. We

have many members in class with osteoporosis and some long-term members

have reported significant improvements over time to their osteoporosis by

combining their drug therapy and Pilates.

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