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Fight the Food Coma!

Yes, postprandial somnolence better known as the ‘food coma’ is the very real effect of a large meal on your body’s energy levels. There are all sorts of theories behind why it happens, such as the hormonal response to food ingestion or the increase in blood flow to the gastric organs thus reducing blood flow to the brain.

In any case, most of us might feel a little lethargic after our turkey dinner and this normally results in us napping on the sofa, typically in a fairly contorted position. The effect of this is an increased risk of back and neck pain when we wake up.

Going for a stroll after Christmas dinner is an ideal way to combat the back and neck injury risk but will also aid your digestion and energy levels, fighting the food coma.

That said, if you didn’t manage to avoid the slumber, once you wake up from your doze, there are some fairly simple exercises you can do in front of your favourite Christmas films to make sure your back and neck get the mobility they need.

Check out this video for some mobilisations to release off your tummy and keep you happy during the festive period!

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